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Commercial Cleaning by Safety Clean

In the business world, first impressions win or lose customers. For many clients, patients, or potential customers, the appearance of your facility forms their first impression. Anything less than an impeccably maintained and clean space creates a negative image that’s extremely difficult to overcome.

Safety Clean offers professional non-union commercial cleaning services that let you present your company in the most positive manner possible. We give you the professional polish that positively promotes your commercial and office spaces.


Designed for YOUR Company

As a non-union boutique cleaning services provider, Safety Clean is uniquely positioned to provide a far more personalized approach when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your commercial properties. Rather than insist on a particular pre-packaged set of specific cleaning services, we work with you to ensure you receive exactly what you need to sustain a clean, healthy, attractive environment. Safety Clean understands that different businesses have different needs and our team works diligently to deliver the services that meet them.


Quality People

With over 100 years of combined cleaning service experience, Safety Clean can deliver impeccable results for virtually any commercial cleaning project. Our cleaning crews are carefully trained in all areas of commercial cleaning applications. Equally important is their personal dedication to customer satisfaction. Our top-down approach fosters a work ethic that ensures every clients’ expectations are exceeded. The number of referrals we receive is a testament to the work we deliver.

Quality Processes

Throughout the years, we have developed processes that streamline the cleaning process without sacrificing effectiveness. Our teams are extremely efficient in the application of these processes. That means we deliver better service in less time than most other cleaning companies. Our extensive experience has enabled us to eliminate procedures that waste time while developing others that deliver better results in the most time and cost-conscious ways possible.

Quality Products

Safety Clean has performed due diligence when it comes to the selection of our equipment and any cleaning products we use. We avoid products that contain known allergens and use products that are easily biodegraded to reduce our carbon footprint. We are especially sensitive to the need for disinfection and use solutions that are proven effective for the elimination of germs and bacteria. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Everything we do at Safety Clean is focused on delivering the very best in professional non-union commercial cleaning services to our business customers.

Our Commercial Cleaning service includes, but are not limited to:


  • Safety Clean has the equipment necessary to provide expert exterior window cleaning for all building types and sizes.
  • Because we are a boutique non-union service provider, Safety Clean isn’t limited by the strictures of a union contract. That means we can provide a more competitive pricing structure. We can promote our employees based on individual merit rather than union requirements. This means you get the best possible quality at the best possible price.
  • Our team can handle all interior window and glass partition cleaning for your company. Years of experience enable us to clean and maintain your interior glass surfaces while ensuring the cleanliness and safety of surrounding equipment, flooring, drapes, furniture, and all other office accouterments.


Safety Clean has years of experience in post-construction cleaning. Whether it’s a new building construction site, an office renovation, or an addition to an existing facility, our team has the skill, experience, and equipment needed to expeditiously complete your post-construction cleaning, enabling you to resume business as quickly and comfortably as possible.

In addition, Safety Clean offers a host of specialty services designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses:


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